Hackney Skill Exchange

Community Engagement Event

In collaboration with Paton Ball, the event was an alternative community event, where everyone has value regardless of age.  It is our belief that both the mature and young generations have something to offer.  In an age of austerity and reuse, it seems fitting to pass on and reuse our skills.  It is a free way to connect with like minded people and engender a sense of pride in yourself and the community around you.

Skills may include: learn to knit, learn how to use the internet, learn how to dance, learn to speak another language, or merely sit and share a story, extend a skill of listening  Anything from the banal to the outrageous!

Age categories 15-30, and 60+
Aimed at  Hackney residents

Over the three hour period participants were be paired via an old fashioned style raffle.  Following this, each pair was positioned at one of the skill stations where the first hour began.  During this time, one participant became the skill donor, the other, the skill recipient.  Each skill exchange participant was given one hour to extend their knowledge, and pass it on to their skill partner.  

During the interval tea and biscuits, which were made to commemorate the event, were offered.  This was a time in which to share stories and meet other people participating in the event.   As the second hour began, the skill partners reversed roles, and more skills were shared.