Photo Essay

"It is always about creating an image that is true of each process and environment. If by the mere environmental conditions, sand managed to get onto the lens before taking the photograph, or if developing is being conducted in a dusty room and particles of dust happen to mix into the chemical bath, then I understand that this is okay.  The photo consequently becomes a product of the process and environment where it has come from, and as an artist, it is important to make a decision to utilise this, or not, in some kind of fashion.

These environments are not artificially set up, they just happen, and it is important to see the potential of images, which for some may be ruined if contaminated by dust or sand. It is not that there is a carelessness towards making a photograph, but equally it is not as if there is a carefulness to eliminate these kind of things."

Extract from Norfolk,

Issue One_On Collecting,